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The Fire Starter is a two year project that been created to accelerate Sierra Leone SMEs through capital investment and business support.

Sensi Tech Hub is well positioned to achieve this as an established business innovation hub who has been supporting Sierra Leonean businesses with grant, computer courses and mentoring for the past year.



Our intent with this fund is to improve the way organizations that are working in the area of youth development make strategic decisions about where to invest. Our strategy is to support programs and initiatives that can reach and impact the lives of young people. We are particularly focused on organisations that provide young people with the most effective response to the issues they face in the areas of unemployment, entrepreneurship, empowerment and advocacy.


Fragile economy, low innovation capacity, limited access to information about entrepreneurship, extremely high levels of youth unemployment and concomitant vulnerability reduced focus on economic development.

Limited access to resources (including investment capital and skills shortfalls), for collaboration and growth for CBOs, entrepreneurs and local associations.

  • Identify organisations eligible for Fire Starter funding
  • Support grantees in administration of grants
  • Provide access to local and international mentors
  • A more innovative and efficacious community of CBOs social entrepreneurs, and local job creators in Sierra Leone
  • The development of a network of social entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Better access to capital for start up entrepreneurs
  • Better access to vocational training for young people
  • Improved access to ICT facilities and skills training resources
  • To create an information sharing environment for CBOs working on social entrepreneurship and innovation

An innovation industry that focuses on solving problems in society, with a view to contributing to wider economic development


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